Celebrating a Community of Love April 14, 2024

The UCM Board and its Stewardship Committee are bringing back a fundraiser that we enjoyed before the pandemic, and even one year virtually: Gifts of Love!

This event will be a celebration of the gifts that we have for each other. We each have something beautiful to give freely from our hearts.  

The vestry, on Sunday, April 14th, will feature a free raffle in which each household within our community will receive 10 tickets to place on the gifts and services of their choice – all contributed by community members like you! There will be a receptacle for each item or service, and winning tickets will be drawn after the church service.

Please let the Gifts of Love team know if you are able to donate a gift (item, service, or event) to the raffle. Whether you’ve given an item in the past or not, we are encouraging everyone to search their hearts for what they have to give our loving community.

Here is where love expands our community!
Invite someone to join you in picking flowers from your garden and the arrange them for your raffle winner.
Offer tickets to an event and arrange the transportation.
Offer food from your garden and prepare or preserve it in their kitchen.

Be creative!
Whether it’s a night of babysitting, a massage, a family meal for a busy family, a family portrait, a ride on your boat, some math tutoring, there is someone who would love an hour or two of your presence and time!
Maybe you’re a baker, a songwriter, a carpenter, or an organizer, or you have a used laptop someone might need;
whatever resources or talents you have would be a welcome gift for someone in our community.

We’re asking everyone to submit the description of their gift of love by March 31st.  Complete a submission form at the Gifts of Love table in the vestry or online.  An online catalog of offerings (link below) is available and will be updated as the descriptions come in.  We also ask that each donor provides a box or other receptacle (can be unique or decorated!) by March 31st.  Tickets and displays are available during coffee hour beginning March 31st.  Ticket entry also begins on March 31st.

All are invited to the celebration in the vestry after worship on April 14th for delicious refreshments, live music, and to complete the raffle. 

Gifts of Love also serves as one of our main fundraising events of the current church year. Please consider making a financial donation to support UCM. This can be done online through the Breeze platform, or in person at the Gifts Of Love table in the vestry by cash or check until festivities end on Sunday, April 14th. Thank you.



Summary of Important Links:

Gifts of Love Fact Sheet
Online Donation Submission Form
Make a donation to this fundraiser online (Choose “Give to Gifts of Love Fundraiser”)

Online Catalog of Offerings (The online catalog will be updated as donations are made. Click the link or scroll below.)