Annual Pledge Drive 2022-2023



Spring is here, and we are “Emerging with Hope.” We will gather together again, bringing all of ourselves with us: broken-hearted, angry, joyous, thankful… However you emerge, you are held in love here.


“For me, UCM is an engaging, multi-generational community of souls searching for truth and meaning, and making this world a better place.  I support it financially in deep gratitude for all that it is, and all of its promise.” – Art Stukey, UCM Member


We open our doors in an imperfect world; one in need of more justice and more hope. We have held on together through more than two years of a pandemic. We are changed. Our church is changed. But our values and our mission and vision have not changed.  We emerge together into something not yet created putting our faith and hope in one another.


“Making a regular financial contribution to UCM helps me feel that I am personally supporting all the people – youth to adult – in our church community.”– Pat Carstensen, UCM Member


We can jointly support the budget of UCM to enable the staff and volunteers to extend our Beloved Community.  The Board seeks funding for ongoing operations and the following priorities:

Fair compensation, of both salary and benefits, for our UCM staff,

Facilities and staffing to support robust in-person and virtual church programming, and

Ministry to support all ages in connection and spiritual growth.

We also acknowledge that the pandemic continues to affect each of us in many different ways.  We hope that those who have contributed in the past will continue to pledge at the same level as last year or even more.  We hope everyone will be able to make some level of pledge commitment – no matter the amount.





“We are, indeed, ’emerging with hope.’ Your hopeful generosity will ensure that our congregation has the financial resources needed to support the staffing, facilities, and programming required to offer innovative ministry in these times.“- Rev. Joan Javier-Duval, UCM Minister

We thank you and look forward to receiving your pledge by April 15.

Sincerely, the Stewardship Committee’s members:

Charlotte Root (Chair), Brenda Been, Scott Hess, Ansel Ploog, John Poeton, and Sue Stukey

Pledge Documents:

Letter from Rev. Joan

Letter from the Stewardship Committee

New! Letter from Board Financial Officer and Stewardship Chair 

The Suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide


Make your pledge now by clicking on the blue button below. THANK YOU for your generosity!



“We are personally enriched by supporting the growth and mission of UCM with our time  and financial contributions.” – Allen and Claudia Clark, UCM Member



Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have some questions about the Annual Budget Drive like: Do I have to be a member to pledge? How much should I pledge? Where does my pledge go?  Visit our FAQ page to learn the answers to these and other questions. Click here to go to the FAQ page.


Still have questions? You can also direct questions to three of our Stewardship Committee members: Charlotte Root, Sue Stukey, or Scott Hess.

Please, show how important our beloved community is to you.

Be loving. Give generously.