Welcome to Religious Education for Children and Youth

Our church community provides our young people a warm and caring environment where they can explore and discover what is important in their lives and what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist.

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Photo by Sally Armstrong

We celebrate the beauty of diversity and honor the various races, cultures, and families within our church community. We encourage our young people to have questioning minds and to be proud of the many Unitarian and Universalist who have come before us who worked for peace and social justice. We teach the wisdom of all religious in order to give our children a broad and tolerant view of humanity.

We nurture the spiritual lives of our children through music, poetry, movement, and story. IMG_1206

We provide opportunities for community building for our children and families by organizing events throughout the year in order to strengthen friendships, work for peace and social justice, and celebrate the beauty of the earth.IMG_1223

We nurture and encourage the many talents of our children and appreciate each child’s uniqueness.

We encourage parents, church members and friends to participate in our programs as fully as possible. There are many ways you can touch the future. There are many ways to be involved.