December 10, Spiritual Heroes: Celebrating the Feasts of St. Nicholas and St. Ambrose

Various religious traditions honor those who have gone before us, living exemplary lives of love and service. Let’s celebrate the feasts of St. Nicholas, the saint behind Santa Claus (Dec. 6) and St. Ambrose (Dec. 7) and explore the importance of spiritual heroes in our lives today. Who are your spiritual heroes?

Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy is a Universalist and a Sufi Cheraga. She is delighted to be filling in for Rev. Joan during Joan’s sabbatical. Mellen enthusiastically served the Washington UU Church for 11 summers. Mellen teaches “The Sacred Art of Storytelling,” and is co-founder of Interfaith Bridge. She had the honor and joy of serving the Springfield Meetinghouse until retiring recently from UU parish ministry. Mellen loves gardening, running, dancing, singing and living in Lincoln, Vermont.