February 5, Conflict Resolution As a Path to Love

Many of us dread engaging in conflict because it is uncomfortable, frightening, and seems destructive. Yet conflict engaged in well is a crucial ingredient of building more loving relationships on the personal and community level. UCM member Ginny Sassaman, who has a Masters in Mediation and Conflict Studies, has heartfelt and practical suggestions to follow the path of love by facing conflict with courage and compassion. Music will be provided by local musician Marc Gwinn singing “What the World Needs Now,” and the UCM choir singing a new musical setting of our congregational covenant, by Donia Prince. View or download the order of service (published by 5pm Friday).

Ginny Sassaman has had the honor of addressing the UCM congregation three times previously on multiple ways that encouraging personal happiness and systemic well-being can help create a more just and joyful world. She is a co-founder of Gross National Happiness USA, and has a Certificate in Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute. Immediately prior to her happiness work, Ginny earned a Master’s in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies at Woodbury College. Woodbury hired Ginny even before graduation to serve as a coach for future masters students, a position she held until the program was phased out. Ginny also created the position of staff mediator for Home Share Now. Ginny brings both her mediator knowledge and the science of happiness to all her work. She does not like conflict, but understand that it is unavoidable and can lead to stronger, more loving relationships when engaged in productively.