January 22, Finding a Wider Center

Unitarian Universalism is a “living” faith tradition – which means who we are and what we strive to be can change from generation to generation.  Change is actually built into our UUA Bylaws!  This year and next, we all have the chance to participate in reimagining our UU principles.  Some thoughts on how and why it is a good thing to notice what’s changing, and what is staying the same.

Rev. Patricia Hart has been an active Unitarian Universalist for more than 35 years – as lay leader,  consultant to congregations around the country, and since 1997 as an ordained minister.  She has served eight congregations as a (mostly transitional) minister in New England, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio – two of those as Co-Minister with her spouse, the Rev. Peter Newport.  Since 2019, Tricia has served as Developmental Senior Minister with the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington.