May 12, Pluralism & Freedom: Pew & Pulpit

As we explore Pluralism as an essential value of Unitarian Universalism, it can be helpful to look at it both “out there” in the world and “in here” as part of a possible UU congregational covenant. Using the concept of “freedom of the pulpit & pew,” our guest minister, the Rev. Karen G. Johnston, will help us get more familiar with the part of our shared identity and shared commitment to our faith. Music will include the UCM choir singing “O Source of All” by Brian Tate with Eliza Thomas on piano.

Rev. Karen G. Johnston is the Senior Minister at our neighbors to the west, First UU Society in Burlington and is very happy to take part in this pulpit swap. Ordained in 2016 and having served 7 years at The Unitarian Society in East Brunswick, NJ, arrived in Vermont last July. Rev. Karen was a fellow with Rev. Joan in the UUMA’s Beyond the Call Prophetic Ministry program in 2018-19. She is the founder of Date with Death Club, an engaging curriculum that explores mortality in community. Rev. Karen lives with her partner in Colchester.