Starting Sunday, Sept. 16th, there will be two services: one at 9 a.m. and one at 11a.m. Many of you are thrilled at having a choice of times. The early service allows you early birds to launch your day with church and have the full rest of your day for whatever your family wants.  The later service allows a slower morning, time for pancake breakfast in PJs, and you can STILL take in church! One high schooler told me he’d be much more likely to come to service at 11 a.m. than at 10 a.m. I also foresee more choice for the preK-6th graders within their lesson time. While change can be exciting, I know it is hard too, for various reasons. Please let us know if there are ways we can help your family with any challenges you foresee.  The first way we can help is giving you information.

Each service time will include:

  • Nursery care starting 15 mins. before the service begins and concluding 10 mins. after it ends.
  • Coffee Hour following each, including the Kids Snack Table.  
  • Children present for the first 15-20 mins. with the option of staying for the duration if they like.  

The content of worship will be the same with the exception of the choir.  The choir will sing mainly at the 11 a.m. service, with guest musicians filling their spot at the 9 a.m. service most Sundays.  The choir will sing at the 9 a.m. service on the first Sundays of the month for October, November, and December. On those first Sundays, the choir will not sing at the 11 a.m. and instead guest musicians will fill those slots in the worship.     


Children/Youth Spiritual Exploration Programming on Sunday morning


9 a.m.: 1-2 volunteers and I (Liza) will co-lead a One Room in the Children’s Chapel for pre-K – 6th graders.  After an initial whole group time, there will often be some different options for kids to explore the theme of the month from a variety of angles and learning styles.  



11 a.m. There are slightly more families leaning towards attending the second service and therefore, with bigger numbers there are some more options:  


  • PreK and K group will be part of the Green Rug time with all the children and then their own time with a caring team of volunteers in the Preschool room.   


  • 1st – 6th grade Co-led by me (Liza) and 2-3 volunteers.  Similar to the 9 a.m. activities with the hope of providing children with some autonomy of choosing for themselves when we’re able to provide options of activities.    


  • 7th-8th OWL led by a trio of fabulous returning facilitators.  10:30-noon starting Sept. 23.  We’d LOVE to have 7th -12th graders volunteer with the younger kids’ programming as they’re able. Please let me know.  


  • OWL for 4th-5th grades will be Sunday mornings starting in January.  Stay tuned for more details.


Curriculum for preK-6th: We’re excited to use theSoul Matters curriculum which is grounded in the monthly worship themes.  This allows families and congregants of all ages to be exploring the same spiritual questions and ideas each month.  We hope this will lead to rich, engaging conversations at home and during the week. Liza will provide families a brief summary of the main ideas from the morning and a couple follow-up questions to help facilitate these conversations.

The Soul Matters curriculum is written by a veteran Director of Religious Education (DRE) in collaboration with DREs from around the country.  They provide a menu of themed-lessons with a goal of including kids who have many different learning styles. These lessons weave in stories, games, art, movement, and fascinating threads of UU history. Each month includes options of exploring different traditions and religions as holidays arise during the year.  For more information on the Soul Matters curriculum, or to see a sample session plan, click here.


Other Children/Youth/All Ages Programming

  • High School Youth Group will usually meet 6-8 p.m. on 2nd and 4th Sundays
  • Bridging for high school seniors begins in late fall.  Stay tuned for details.
  • Monthly Story / Song Circles — All ages will be welcome to gather to share or listen as others share stories, songs, jokes, poetry, etc. related to the worship theme of the month.  Starting in November (theme = ‘memory.’) Likely on a Saturday.


If you have any program questions, please see me during Coffee Hour or contact me with the link below.

Liza Earle-Centers

Dir. of Lifespan Spiritual Exploration