Photo by Sally Armstrong
Photo by Sally Armstrong (she/her)

On March 30, 2015, at the Welcoming Congregation‘s Mulitgenerational Service, members of the congregation were invited to write dreams and wishes on small squares of colored paper. The squares were then assembled into a large Rainbow Flag. The special wishes were written by children and adults, on the squares provided and on corners of the order of service. Each was sincerely written and full of love. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Love is all we need
Compassionate being w/one another
Releasing all judgment including that of self.
I wish people would love each other and themselves.
That people will work at being open minded and welcoming in the whole community
100% accessibility at this church
Peace and love
I wish that by 2030 there will be no bullies at all.
end poverty
I wish all people would accept all couples who choose to be together in love of all colors
I wish the world kindness
Universal acceptance and love
accept who you are
Equality for all in all things
Peace, love, and understanding
Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me
All professional athletes feel safe enough to come out.
Be nice to dogs
I wish for straight men to embrace true, no homophobic masculinity
I wish for people to empathize with the hopes and challenges of their neighbors
More real food at the food bank…no more cans
Peace  Friends
Recycle compost
Equality for All
No Bullies
worms for my worm bird
to smile more
I wish that people would be more kind to each other
I wish people would be more honest
Better communication and understanding
Respect for every person
We accept on another without judgement
See people with clarity
Peace and understanding
I hope that people will see that difference is good and beautiful
We wish people would never fight with each other
Be open
Embrace difference and honor it.
Less war, nobody endangering animals, no arguing or fighting
End drone warfare (murder)
Fewer Wars
Health care for all
Wish we were more accepting of immigrants
Compassion for All
Kinder language used by all
No War
I wish people would stop being judgmental
More sophistication among people to recognize that hate is a manifestation of fear; to learn  to recognize the power of self-righteousness.
May fear disappear!
I wish everyone would see all the people in the world as brothers and sisters
No War
Peace and Love
More patience
Appreciation of all individual talents
Safety for worms in everyone’s gardens
Love and Acceptance
More love
Health care for everyone
I wish peace and plenty for all people everywhere
Abolish poverty
More listening Less shouting
For everyone to have food and a home
Peace for all and respect for diversity of all kinds
I wish people would except others
No fighting or war
If people can fly?
“Between stimulus and response is a GAP (moment) in that gap is our power to choose–therein lies our salvation”
Peace, love, and laughter!
Let girls be educated everywhere
Do kindness for its own sake not for a “reward”
Love is the answer
Let’s share
No more bullies
I hope that all children can feel free to be themselves.
Sanena…spiritual sexual healing centers
Empathy and compassion
Save animals
People who go the extra mile
Antidote for anger
I wish for the end of children in wars.
No more slavery
I wish for children to group up on loving homes and be honored for who they are.
Men in skirts
That every child and every person of every age fine their own true self.
Sharing toys, like sharing a truck and cookies.
Sharing our own stories and listening with love and respect.
I wish we all remembered that everyone hurts and everyone needs love.
My wish is that this service makes at least one person’s life better.
We improve communication, understanding, and respect among people.
No more banned books.
More kindness
I wish for acceptance of others
Fewer people on the planet
No more gender based stereotypes
Parents not bossing kids
That all creatures great and small will live together in peace and harmony, acknowledging  each other’s rights to live
Kinder world
Acceptance of our differences
No anti-gay laws
Stop Global Warming
Less sickness
Equal opportunities for all
Hugging (consensual)
I wish for more understanding a equality
Meet my eyes and smile
Love my neighbor
One wish for a kinder place; Fear is our biggest obstacle to peace.  May we feel SAFE first in this world.