April 2017 Letter from the Board

Dear UCM members and friends,

We hope you enjoy the turning of seasons from winter to spring.  May we each experience the light within as well as the light each day bestows upon us.

The board is busy planning and preparing for our Annual Meeting set for Sunday, May 21. We continue to support our Minister and deepen our understanding about “policy governance” as we delve deeper into the Dan Hotchkiss book “Governance and Ministry”. We have looked at all our church policies and separated them into board governance policies and operational policies. The board is responsible for governance policies and the Executive Team is responsible for operational policies.

Agenda items thus far this year includes the following: Board Growth Study; Board Monitoring of our Strategic Plan Outcomes; Getting clearer on board roles and responsibilities; Increase communication among the executive team and members and friends of the church via Fireside Chats and letters from the Board in the enews; Sexual Abuse Policy; Planned Giving Policy; Dialogue with ET, Finance, Leadership, and Stewardship and Property Committees; Considering a Joint Resolution of support between UCM and the Washington Church; Creating more dialogue on diversity in our church and within our personnel policies.

It has been a pleasure to serve the congregation this year. As we look forward to next year, we plan to welcome two new board members who will be voted on at the Annual Meeting. Melinda Moz-Knight and Will White will conclude their service at the end of the year. Priscilla Fox and Nancy Read will be running for re-election. Board nominations will be announced shortly.

Special thanks to those members who have shared their vision and concerns at our Fireside Chats with the board set for the first Sunday of each month after the service.  Please continue to offer ideas as to how we can best communicate with the congregation.  Your contribution to celebrating and addressing all of our church needs is greatly appreciated.  We welcome all!

Happy Spring,

Jo Romano, President
Melinda Knight Moz, Vice-President
Will White, Secretary
Nancy Read, Financial Officer
Priscilla Fox, Member-at-large
Paul Hartmann, Member-at-large
Jennifer Payne, Member-at-large