Board Appoints Building for the Future Steering Committee

Dear UCM Members and Friends,

On behalf of the UCM Governing Board I am excited to share the appointment of an amazing group of people to serve on the Building for the Future (BFF) Steering Committee, a group created by the Board to carry out the important work of finalizing and implementing the long-term facilities and staffing plans to address UCM’s growth-related needs and ensure that UCM is able to live into its mission now and into the future. The members of the BFF Steering Committee are:

Brenda Bean
Claudia Clark
Barbara Conrey
Beth Damon
Steve Gold
Kris Hammer
Scott Hess
Jen Miller-Arsenault (co-chair)
Paul Ohlson (co-chair)
Bill Pelton
Sue Stukey
John Turner

The Board could not be happier with this group and is confident that they will do an amazing job of carrying out the tasks the Board charges them with.

For background on the Building for the Future Project, last church year the Growth and Facilities Task Force (GFTF) inventoried UCM’s long-range physical space needs and, with the assistance of the architects from Black River Design, came up with a plan to address those needs. That plan includes multiple options: a good, better, and best proposal.

After approving the plans presented by the GFTF, the Board considered the formation of a steering committee to take those plans, refine them through feedback, education, and interface with the Congregation, and ultimately put them into action. At the congregational forum on December 9, we discussed not only the physical space needs but the staffing needs, both present and future. UCM’s staffing needs, like our physical space needs, include present changes as well as a long term vision for the growth of our congregation.

This presents an opportunity to address UCM’s present and future needs, consistent with the goals set out in the UCM 2020 Strategic Plan. The Building for the Future Steering Committee has been tasked with carrying out this project, addressing the needs for our physical and human resources. This is no small or easy task.

Thankfully, we have a great group to take on this charge and the Board is excited to see their work progress. Please keep on the lookout for more information about the vision for the Building for the Future Project and the work of the Steering Committee in the coming weeks and months!

Ryan Kane, on behalf of the UCM Governing Board

Your Governing Board Members:
Priscilla Fox, Member at Large
Paul Hartmann, Vice President
Ryan Kane, President
Charlotte Root, Secretary
Jo Romano, Member at Large
Sue Stukey, Member at Large
(Vacant), Financial Officer