Property Committee Update on Church Painting

The morning of Wednesday, June 19, UCM contractor, Dan Wetmore uncovered significant rot in the original 1865 wooden sheathing underneath the siding on the School Street side of the church. In order to better learn how we might repair and replace the rotted wood, the Property Committee Chair, Paul Ohlson, called in several experts for advice and counsel who all came to the church, examined the situation, and offered suggestions. Based on those conversations we will:

  1. Remove all exterior siding that looks suspect but not all the siding from the entire south wall
  2. Remove all inner sheathing that is rotted or compromised
  3. Replace rotted sheathing with 3/4” horizontal 12” wide plywood bands
  4. Fill each plywood course with the same insulation type (cellulose) as was blown into the walls 15-20 years ago
  5. Replicate the 150 year old vertical shims currently in place
  6. Cover the old and new exposed sheathing with house wrap/building paper
  7. Back prime and apply horizontal spruce siding to match existing (currently being milled for us by Fontaine Sawmill in East Montpelier)
  8. Caulk all  seams
It is our hope that this detour will not significantly delay the painting nor compromise our financial ability to paint the entire church this summer. As a dear friend often says, “We will know more later.”

Please contact, Property Committee Chair, Paul Ohlson, with any questions.

~ UCM Property Committee