Survey Results are In!

SUU the Turtle says, “Congratulations! No matter how you look at it, Building For the Future (BFF) received a significant response from you, the Congregation!” 

  • 215 of you submitted surveys during the month of November
  • 158 (74%) came from members and 56 (26%) came from non-members
  • 211 surveys were tabulated; 4 (2% of 215) could not be tabulated

This level of response means the Board and BFF Steering Committee can trust the results of the survey for guidance.

In the process of filling out the survey, many people said it was hard to rank the areas of BFF because they’re all important. One person expressed this in a written comment added to their survey: “Heart-breaking to rank any less than 1!”

But rank you did. The results are shown below with 3 small tables and a color-coded graph.*

In early January, the Board and BFF Steering Committee will consider these results along with the information from the feasibility study for application to revised building plans that you – in February – will have the opportunity to review, comment upon, and on March 8 – hopefully – approve.

SUU the Turtle reminds us that continuing to plod along step by step does lead somewhere!

*Thank you Phil Morse, Paul Ohlson, Brian Prendergast, and Tom Schersten for tabulating and displaying these results!