FREE Private Zoom Tutorials

FREE Private Zoom Tutorials for UCM Members & Friends! Call or email Elaine Ball, Congregational Life Coordinator, to schedule your 1/2 hour session today!

Especially during this difficult time, we want to make sure that all of our UCM Members and Friends feel welcome and connected with our church community. Since our Sunday morning Worship Services are being held on Zoom, and so many of our Chalice Circles (Seasoned Souls, Soul Matters, Small Group Ministries, Beloved Conversations, and more) and Committees and Teams are also meeting virtually using Zoom, we want to be sure to include as many people as possible.


If anyone you know if not comfortable with this technology, please let them know they can give me a call, and I would love to patiently walk them through the process of downloading the program or app onto their desktop computer/iPad/phone, practicing with them to make sure their audio and visual elements are working, and/or answering any questions they may have, from the point of set-up and connection, all the way to in-meeting controls and settings, to make participating in meetings more enjoyable.


Thank you for sharing this with your UCM friends and neighbors, far and wide across the state! Make sure to check in on each other, ask how everyone is doing, and help each other to continue to feel a part of our Beloved Community.