Rev. Joan Sabbatical Announcement

Dear ones,

After nearly six years of serving as your Minister, I will be taking my first Sabbatical this coming July through September. I am so blessed to be in a vocation and serving a congregation that supports this kind of rest and renewal. The past six years of ministry with you have been vibrant and full ones in which we have grown together, navigated change, faced loss, supported one another in times of sorrow, urged each other into prophetic action, served alongside one another, and loved one another through good and hard times.

This time has deepened my ministerial calling, AND I am ready to lay down the responsibilities of ministry for a short time to engage in deep rest and renew my spirits.

This continues to be a time of transition and uncertainty as we, as a church community, find our way forward from the intensity of the past year. The Church Governing Board, Executive Team, staff, and numerous church member volunteers have been engaged in developing guidelines and procedures for safely reopening the church building and for planning ministries and programs in the coming year that reconnect us as a community with continued safety and health in mind.

I will continue to be a part of this planning through the end of June, and I am sure there will be more questions and issues to address upon my return in October.

Before I begin my Sabbatical, I am eager to reconnect with many of you one-on-one. I will reach “fully vaccinated” status for Covid-19 as of May 12th, and I welcome you to schedule an appointment with me. You can send me an email or call 802-223-7861 x1.

You can find a Sabbatical Guide here which will be updated in the coming weeks with more details about what to expect and who to contact regarding various areas of church life during my time of leave.

I love you and am so grateful for our ministry together.