Building Blessing Ceremony

Rev. Joan and Verdis led a Building Blessing Ceremony on Monday, February 7. You can watch the ceremony below.

A Blessing for the Air Quality Project

For all those whose imagination, creativity, and vision have brought forward the plans, designs, and drawings that make this project possible…We bless you.

For all those whose names we will never know who assemble, package, and transport by ship and by truck the ducts, boiler, and air exchange equipment necessary for this project…We bless you.

For all those whose hands will take up the tools to demolish and open up walls, tear up floors, saw new planks, carry heavy equipment, screw and fasten bolts, run electrical wires, and otherwise labor and construct from start to finish…We bless you.

For this sacred house of worship and fellowship, whose walls and joists and floorboards hold the memories and stories of generations upon generations past and yet to come, who will one day very soon welcome us back as a gathered community…We bless you.

May we feel our hearts gladdened as construction begins,

May the process be smooth and unfold with minimum delay,

May we show patience and kindness with one another and will all the unexpected twists and turns that may yet arise,

and may the day come sooner rather than later that we gather safely together once again sharing the beautiful, fresh air flowing throughout these walls.

So may it be.