Spring 2022 ~ Letter from UCM Governing Board

Hard to believe Spring has arrived and we’re approaching the 2nd year mark of the global pandemic. The UCM Governing Board is grateful to have been selected as leaders of this congregation. Through these difficult times our congregation continues to grow. On March 6th, the worship staff welcomed congregants into the sanctuary for the first time since March 8, 2020. We are so grateful for all the time & energy of the staff, and for the countless volunteer hours required to continue to provide worship services, resources, and support to our community.


Our COVID-19 Task Force continues to commit their time and energy to track the broader public guidelines and provide recommendations about how and when it is safe to convene. The Air Quality Project Team has taken significant strides in the construction of our new Air Quality Project system and the Tech Team has purchased state-of-the art equipment and is close to having the new system completely up and running. Also, our various groups continue to contribute time and energy to keep our church functioning and provide support to fellow congregants and the broader community.


A Board priority this year has been to read the “Widening the Circle of Concern” document, which addresses white supremacy issues in our denomination. The Racial Justice Group has led the charge to educate our congregation on the 8th Principle, and on February 13th we became the 154th congregation to adopt the 8th Principle as part of our congregational commitment. On March 16th Paula Cole Jones, the woman who conceptualized the 8th Principle, participated in our Racial Justice Group meeting. She explained how issues of white supremacy are being addressed at the systemic level, as well as the individual level, within each congregation. We encourage you to participate as we collectively explore systemic white supremacy in our congregation and community. Widening the Circle of Concern can be found here, where you will find the written text as well as an audio version of each chapter.


UCM’s annual pledge drive, “Emerging With Hope,” begins Sunday, March 27th. This pledge drive is critical to our budgeting process and our ability to live into our collective mission.  Thanks to the Stewardship Committee for all of their hard work to bring this Pledge Drive to life. Pledge materials will soon be reaching everyone via mail but you may also make your pledge online at any time here.


As we approach the end of another church year, it is time to transition our leadership. We are seeking new Board Members and encourage anyone who is interested to contact any of our current Board Members. Please consider this opportunity to contribute to our church community. We are currently exploring new leadership paradigms with an eye towards “emergent leadership,” and we are working towards dismantling systems of power and privilege. It is an exciting time to play a leadership role in our congregation, as we strive to provide a safe, equitable community where all are truly welcome.


UCM Governing Board: Denise Bailey, Vic Guadagno (President), Reverend Joan Javier Duval (Ex-officio member), Ryan Kane (Vice-President), Hugo Liepmann, Ansel Ploog, Charlotte Root (Financial Officer), Meredith Warner (Secretary)