Historic Flooding, July 11, 2023

7/11/23 2:30pm
As many of you know, we have experienced historic flooding in downtown Montpelier and our building is right in the middle of it all.
A few church volunteers and staff checked on things yesterday as late as 6:30pm or so, cleared some items, and shut off power. There was already water in the basement.
Water levels rose throughout the night reaching above the threshold of the back door on the north side of the building.
It is still not safe to go downtown, and water levels are still quite high. Volunteers and staff will head to the church as soon as it is safe to do so to assess the damage.
We will likely have a long road of clean up and repair as will most downtown churches, businesses, and establishments.
This is still an active crisis and everyone’s safety is paramount. Please find ways to help your neighbors and let others know if you need support.
We will share news of how you can help with the clean up efforts in the days to come.

Rev. Joan