Clean up Needs for July 13, 2023

7/12/23 8:15pm
Flood Clean-up Update

Thank you to the two dozen or so people who showed up to help with the first round of clean up on Wednesday. The kindness, good cheer, and willingness to help created a wonderful, positive atmosphere and also helped us make great progress in cleaning up the first floor and starting the still-long-haul process of cleaning up the basement.

On Thursday, July 13 we will mainly focus on cleaning out the final section of the basement beneath the addition. This will involve carrying items up stairs and out onto the lawn. There is still an inch or two of standing water in that section of the basement and lots of silt and mud. Please remember that flood water, mud, and dust is extremely toxic and often contains petroleum products, sewage, pesticides, and other chemicals. If you are coming to help, please plan to wear an N95 mask, rubber boots, and rubber gloves to minimize skin contact. A headlamp would also be helpful.

We are also in need of dehumidifiers to help dry out the first floor, and eventually the basement. If you have one we can borrow, please drop it off at church after 10am.

If you’d like to be notified directly by email of clean up and repair needs for the church building and also church members’ homes, please complete this form:

Rev. Joan