Gratitude for Community & Flood Update, July 13, 2023

7/13/23 9:00pm
Flood Clean-up Update

With the hard work of another two dozen people or so, we were able to clear out the basement of nearly all of the items that were stored there. The vast majority of these items have been set aside as trash to be picked up by the city. Thank you to everyone who engaged in the not-so-pleasant work of carrying storage containers and other items up the stairs and out onto the side parking lot. Volunteers also helped with clearing pavement debris from the front side of the building and removing wet wood from underneath the stage.

We are so appreciative of the bottles of vinegar and dehumidifiers that were dropped off as well as the ample snacks and food for volunteers. Everyone’s generosity has been so uplifting!

Over the next few days, a small crew will be completing some final tasks to clean out the basement. We will also be using dehumidifiers and fans to dry out the first floor. We will not have a need for general volunteers for at least the next couple of days. We anticipate needing help with moving furniture and cleaning the kitchen over the next week. Our church neighbors may need volunteers more immediately, and we’ll share more updates as we become clear of what’s needed.

If you’d like to be notified directly by email of clean up and repair needs for the church building and also church members’ homes, please complete this form:

Rev. Joan