UCM Hires Interim Director of Spiritual Exploration

Dear UCM community,

I am very happy to share that Sally Armstrong is joining our staff team as our Interim Director of Spiritual Exploration this church year. Many of you know Sally from when she served as Director of Religious Education from 2010-2016. Afterward, Sally continued to remain active with UCM before departing for Michigan for a short time. When Sally returned to Vermont, she got involved again in attending services and teaching our children. Sally’s warmth, humor, and ability to connect with children and youth are such gifts.

I am so pleased to have Sally directing our program this year as we work through yet another time of change and transition. In her role, Sally will focus specifically on directing our Sunday morning programs and other spiritual exploration opportunities for children, youth, and families.

I hope you will give her a warm welcome (back) and offer her your support as we begin another year together of meaningful learning and spiritual growth.


Rev. Joan

A Message from Sally

Sally Daab Armstrong, Interim Director of Spiritual Exploration

Sally expresses her deep gratitude to all the parents who share their children with us each Sunday, to all the volunteers who have supported her ministry and is especially grateful for the opportunity to serve in this position once again.

“I was raised as a United Methodist, but today I happily describe myself as a Unitarian-Universalist-Christian-Pagan-Seeker. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a seeker. Over a lifetime, the puzzles, questions, and conclusions have been modified, reworked, and reconsidered, and yet, while the nature of my quest has evolved, the pursuit continues. In our Unitarian Universalist faith, we are all seekers to one degree or another. Without an established core of knowledge, creed, or dogma to be studied, memorized, and agreed upon, we each must search for what is authentic and meaningful in our lives. 

I believe the function of religious education is to provide the tools and encouragement as well as a safe place to explore spiritual development, the creation of life-sustaining spiritual practices, and the opportunity to work together to translate our beliefs into actions. Religious exploration does not end with the Bridging Ceremony. It continues throughout our lives. As a spiritual community of seekers, we are enriched by each other…the wisdom and history of our elders and the wonder and fresh vision of our children.”