Unless otherwise noted…

Rehearsals  are in the sanctuary on Thursdays from 5:30-7:15 pm.

Sunday mornings the choir meets at 8:45 am (unless the choir is not singing.)

Regrettably there is still no elevette and won’t be until the summer

Music Sunday is postponed to May 19th

Plan on a rehearsal Saturday morning the 18th from 9-11.

Due to too many unknowns and potential complications, we sadly will not do the 2nd performance in the evening.  If there is anyone you know who might enjoy hearing it but can’t make it to the Sunday morning service, they would be welcome to come on Saturday morning.

Rehearsal April 18th:

Work on Great Trees, Water Buries, Too,

Run through and briefly work on The Ground,

Introduce The Crow Calls.

What we are singing for services:  some of this is tentative due to some schedule conflicts

April 21st:  Great Trees

April 28th: Dan and Willie Lindner–no choir—TENTATIVE

May 5th:  The Ground

May 12th:  tbd, but yes choir

May 19th:  Music Sunday

May 26th:  tbd

June 2nd: tbd

June 9th: last service

PDF’s of music below 

PDF’s of current music:  (please be aware that we have paid for copies only for our current use, and these pdf’s should only be used for UCM choir)

SBMP1418 Hope for the World


Earth Song–(bootleg).  Please use this only if you don’t otherwise have access to a “legit” copy.  This file contains individual parts as well as the complete vocal score.

Water Buries, Too Piano Reduction

Music Sunday Playlist:  “Earth Songs” (click to hear each one)

Penobscot Water Song (done as short solo)

Lost Words Blessing    (small ensemble)

Hope for the World


Great Trees

Sing Unto the Sky

The Crow Calls. (start listening at 54:54)

Water buries, too, by Callum Robechek.  (DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK BEYOND CHOIR)

Other Recordings

The Ground

Sing Gently–original virtual choir

Sing Gently–Voces8


Practice Tracks Ticheli’s Earth Song

There are multiple versions available on youtube.  I didn’t put the links here because different people might have different preferences.  The ones that include “Guide voix Sopranos (or alto, etc)” in the title are the only that have a real person singing PLUS the other parts.  The others that I found either do include all parts, with selected voice dominant, but are done on keyboard, or have a real person but only singing the selected part by itself without the other harmonies.  The drawback for the “Guide voix” videos is that it is a male singer and he sings the Soprano and Alto parts an octave down.  So, take your pick!  Just search for Ticheli Earth Song Tenor (or bass, etc..)

Practice Tracks Hope for the World

Soprano 1

Soprano 2



Bass 1

Bass 2

Practice Tracks The Ground–

not great sound quality but the parts are clear

Soprano 1

Soprano 2

Alto 1

Alto 2

Tenor 1

Tenor 2

Bass 1

Bass 2

Practice tracks Sing Gently





Bass 2

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This will be an option through the winter.  Please use it only if you really need to!  And let Donia know if you need to attend on zoom.  If I don’t hear from anyone I won’t be automatically setting it up.

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