The service on on Nov 27th will not include a choir offering, but of course your presence to help support the hymns would be appreciated!   No need to arrive early.

REHEARSAL DECEMBER 1st:  Gloria, Galaxias


Greetings, Choir members!

Unless specifically noted otherwise:

Rehearsals Thursdays 5:30-7:00.

December Community Choir may meet only on Sunday morning Dec 11th from 8:45-9:30.  Stay tuned for confirmation!

We will be finding a new time for a more formal Music Reading class series after the holidays.

In the meantime, I will still be offering music reading/part help oriented towards the particular music that week from 4:45-5:15, beginning Nov 3rd. 

Sunday pre-service rehearsal is held from 8:45-9:30 every week unless otherwise noted.

This page will be updated at least by Tuesday each week.


November services:

Post-Thanksgiving service Nov 27th will not be a regular choir service.  Music will be provided by Eliza and David Ruffin.


December services:

Dec 4th: Vivaldi’s Gloria.   (link included)

Dec 11th: Simon DeVoil is leading the service–there might not be a community choir component.  TBD

Dec 18th: Galaxias, by Santiago Veros. (link included)

Dec 24th Xmas eve evening: O Holy Night and ?

Dec 25th:  Lay led service- no choir offering.

Note: Please keep “Covenant” (which was originally scheduled for October) in your folders, as we will sing it probably in January,  and might practice it here and there.


Practice recordings for “Gloria”






Practice Recordings for Galaxias–sorry no words just music!  Please note there are 6 measures of silence at the beginning of each recording.






PDF’s of current music:  (please be aware that we have paid for copies only for our choir, and these pdf’s should only be used for UCM choir)

Galaxias choir only score–easier to read



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