Congregation Members Talk AboutWhat the Church Means to Them

In the coming days recordings of long-time church members will be added to this page. The purpose is to show the depth and meaning of the relationship between the wider community and the congregation. Individual stories and reflections reveal the values and commitments that sustain this vibrant religious community.

Hedi Ballantyne
UCM Member Since 1956

Hedi reflects on her many years with the church, including her involvement with the Women’s Alliance, her roles in various projects, and both the constancy and change that have defined the church through its evolution over the decades.

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Sam Fitzpatrick, eldest son of Rev. Gerald Fitzpatrick and Jifka Fitzpatrick
Malcolm Fitzpatrick, second son of the Fitzpatricks
Sandy (Fitzpatrick) Vitzthum, granddaughter of the Fitzpatricks

These family members gather to discuss their memories of life in Montpelier, the parsonage, the church, the community, and especially their parents (and grandparents) beginning with Rev. Fitzpatrick’s acceptance of ministry at UCM in 1938.

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John and Janet Poeton
Active UCM Members for Over 20 Years

Janet and John talk about what drew them to UCM and keeps them so involved. They reflect on how much the church is part of their lives and how much they benefit from the ways in which they connect with the UCM mission. They are well known for their coordinating work on various fundraisers, especially the Holiday Fair.

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Paul Ohlson
Dedicated UCM Member of More Than 20 Years

Paul speaks with Ted Schultheis (interviewer and also long-time UCM member) about finding the church and finding a spiritual home that has sustained him in meaningful ways. Both Paul and Ted have served UCM by embracing the role of Property Committee Chair.

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