Interim Director of Music, Kellie Walker Hart, will conclude her time with UCM at the end of June. For now, we are enjoying her visit with us in Montpelier through June 17th! If you’d like to share a word of thanks and your well wishes, you can add a note to this group Kudoboard (by June 15, 2021), which will be printed and shared with Kellie. ~ The UCM Executive Team  


The UCM Board and Executive Team are pleased to announce that Kellie Walker Hart has been hired as UCM’s part-time Interim Director of Music for the 2020-2021 church year.

Kellie comes to UCM with twenty-eight years of experience as a Music Director in a Unitarian Universalist congregation, eight of those as an ordained Minister of Music. She has a passion for creating community through collaborative, soulful worship and song-leading.

Kellie is sensitive to the challenges and opportunities of this time. She writes, “Covid-19 has forced most churches to change how they have historically worshipped and ministered to each other, and ‘physical distancing’ will likely continue for some months. We have new worries about health and safety, while often simultaneously having to deal with financial stress and changes in our familiar routines. But congregations also have an opportunity to make big changes, including addressing generational issues such as systemic racism and widening financial, educational, and cultural gaps between people. It’s a time to reinvent how we create community, family, and work lives, even how we commute and travel, celebrate and support each other.”

Kellie is currently based in Prescott, AZ and will work with us remotely through at least December. Her primary responsibilities will be to direct the program of music that is presented in our virtual Sunday morning services and to lead and support the Choir. Kellie will also help us prepare for what comes next for our congregational music program after this year.

Send a message to Kellie using the form below.