It Takes a Village

Listen to volunteer Religious Education teacher Nancy Schulz as she describes the funny and enriching moments of her first year teaching in our UCM Religious Education program.  Then, please take a moment to let us know your interests and skill set so we can find the right match for you helping out with RE.  It takes a village to offer rich programming for kids, youth and adult religious education!  (Nancy shared this story as part of the local Extempo storytelling competition in April 2017.  She tied for second place!)  Enjoy!

Coming of Age

During the coming year we will be offering  Coming of Age to all 7th-8th graders. This uniquely Unitarian Universalist program is designed to mark the transition from childhood to youth.  Click here to find out more about this year-long program.  Sign-up here make sure we keep you in the loop as we begin further planning, including the orientation at the end of August 2017.  


Kids and Youth Annual Meeting a Success!

Acting Dir. of Religious Education, Liza Earle-Centers, explains the ballot items on the visual ballot for kids and youth.

Our 5th principle teaches us that the Unitarian Universalist faith is a democratic one and that all people need a voice.  So, On Sunday May 21, while the adults met in the sanctuary for their Annual meeting, 12 kids participated in the first ever UCM Kids / Youth Annual Meeting!  

After starting with snack and team building, we lit the chalice and voted on a “kids choice” community pouch recipient for one month of next church year. (Therapy Dogs of VT won.) We took nominations from the floor of items they’d love to see for special treats occasionally at the snack table (popcorn, juice boxes, and watermelon were the winners). They also voted for the song to go with the photo slideshow on RE Sunday (we’ll let that be a surprise on June 4th). Thanks to all the kids for putting our 5th principle into practice and to members of the Religious Education committee for your support. 

View from the beach at Kettle Pond State Park

UCM Midsummer Camping–Register soon!

The Camping Coordinating Committee is happy to announce that we’ve reserved 3 group camping sites–16 lean-to shelters–at nearby Kettle Pond for Fri. 7/21-Mon. 7/24. Stay for 1-3 nights or just sign-up for a day visit.  This is a family-friendly, multigenerational gathering for community building and nurturing our spiritual journey while out in nature.  We’ll have a potluck Sat. at noon, a campfire Sat. evening, and some optional activities interspersed, including an outdoor worship service on Sunday morning.  Registration forms and more details are at the Camping Committee webpage, or stop by our table during coffee hour.  

Child Dedication

Most Unitarian Universalist congregations have child dedication ceremonies for infants and children.  This special ritual is a blessing for the new life within our community, an expression of the hopes of the parents, and a promise by the congregation to support and nurture the child in its spiritual life.  Our next Child Dedication will be Sunday, May 21.  Please contact Rev. Joan at ucm.revjoan or Liza Earle-Centers, Acting DRE ucm.dre if you’d like more information and/or you’d like your child to be a part of such a dedication ceremony.  Please let us know by May 12.  Keep your eye out for announcements about another dedication ceremony in the fall, if this date does not work for your family.   

2016-2017 Religious Education Registration 

Please register your child(ren) if they are participating in any religious education programming during this church year.  We need a new one each year, for each child: babies who may try the nursery through 12th graders.  It’s quick and easy and helps us meet their needs and yours. Thank you!

Other RE resources:

  • Calendar of UCM Religious Education 2016-2017
  • Help us keep our kids happy during coffee hour.  Sign-up here to help with the snack table.
  • Most Sundays are “RE Sundays” meaning after a little time in the sanctuary, the congregation sings the RE students and teachers out (pre-K – 5th graders to the Children’s Chapel (aka “The Green Rug” while 6th-8th graders exit the back of the sanctuary to the Bell Tower room).
  • We have five Sundays that are ‘multigen.’ Multi-generational worship includes an order of service geared toward engaging all ages in the sanctuary together. These are fun and special services (see FAQ below)!
  • During school vacation weeks, many families are out of town and we don’t have enough kids for separate RE classes. So we have  ‘RE one room schoolhouse’ in which we try to dynamic activities for pre-school – 8th graders all together in the Children’s Chapel.  This is usually led by the DRE or another guest facilitator and the RE teachers can have a day off.  Help from willing parents is very welcomed on these “one room” days!

Multigens – a FAQ for Parents

March Mystery Madness