April 16, A Spirit that Endures

In turbulent times, how do we care for and strengthen our spirits? How do we cultivate a spiritual resistance that keeps our souls intact in these times of tumult? This service will include a New Member Ceremony to recognize the newest members of our congregation. Music will be provided by the Small Choir of the Montpelier Community Gospel Choir.

We will be hosting Zoom Watch Party of the YouTube live stream of the worship service. Join us live on Zoom and watch the live stream in community.  Join early to chat with others, check-in, and worship together on Zoom. Here’s the link for April 9, April 16, and April 30: https://zoom.us/j/96650576207?pwd=anliS2VQUitWZURlenVFai9IVW5qZz09. For more information, contact Verdis LeVar Robinson, Ministerial Coordinator of Worship Arts Production and Adult LSE. Please note: the chat function will be on for the service.