February 24, The Road Home

We welcome retired United Church of Christ minister, Rev. Kate Stevens, to our pulpit. In her sermon, “The Road Home,” she will share experiences from her three-month journey to the South to learn all she could about civil rights, racism, white supremacy and more. In our last service during Black History Month, Rev. Stevens’ insights promise to inform our understanding of North and South.

Rev. Kate Stevens is a UCC pastor who most recently served the First Congregational Church in Ashfield, MA. She is currently the president of the Interfaith Council of Franklin County, Massachusetts. She spent three months last year  visiting the south and studying about the 500 years of white supremacy and US racial history.

9AM: Sarah Wolfe
11AM: UCM Choir

Spiritual Exploration
9AM: PreK-6th grade “one room”
11AM: PreK-K class, 1-6th grade “one room”
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