March 14, One Year Later

In this service, we mark one year of the Covid-19 pandemic and one year of “virtual church.” What has changed over the past year? What has remained the same? How have your commitments deepened or shifted over this time? To what do we commit ourselves now?

You’re invited to contribute your reflections for this service. In 21 words or less, how would you complete the prompt, “One year later….”? Your honest, funny, sad, heartfelt reflections are all welcome.

Send in your brief written reflection to and/or share an audio recording of your reflection (21 words or less) by calling 802-552-8544 and leaving a voicemail message.

Deadline is Thursday, March 11 at 5PM. Contact Rev. Joan with any questions.

View or download the Order of Service (published by Friday at 5PM).