November 1, Good Medicine: Ancestor Stories and Songs

Those who have come before us offered story and song as healing balms in difficult times. Let us draw upon this healing wisdom of the ancestors as we move through Election Day and into the days ahead.
A few notes about this Sunday’s service:
  • You are invited to have near you during the service a photo of an ancestor (biological or otherwise – someone you consider part of a lineage or tradition that you claim) or an object that reminds you of an ancestor.
  • You will have an opportunity to share spoken joys and concerns during this Sunday’s service. You can also fill out this form to submit a joy or concern in advance.
  • We will be including an interactive element for sharing the names of ancestors with one another. To participate, it may be helpful to have a separate internet-enabled device nearby during worship. There will also be a way to participate in this interactive element using the Zoom chat.
  • Finally, you are invited to bring a story of an ancestor that sustains you to our coffee hour to share with others.
View or download the order of service (published by Friday at 5PM).