October 8, In the Handprint of Your Love

While it can be valuable to spend some time cataloguing and taking responsibility for our negative impacts on the world – our carbon footprint, our ecological footprint – the ongoing litany of our wrongdoing can wear down our spirits and sense of wellbeing. Giving more attention to our positive impacts, our handprint, can not only be personally rejuvenating, but restorative for the larger world as well. And there’s no better source for our best work than our deepest love.

Kathryn Blume is an actor, speaker, writer, director, and award-winning solo performer who has toured her original work to over 50 cities in the US, Canada, and Europe. She co-founded the Lysistrata Project, the first worldwide theatrical event for peace, and was co-founder and Executive Director of Vermontivate! – a nationally-recognized climate and sustainability game. She received her BA from Yale with a self-designed degree in environmental studies and theater, and lives in Charlotte with her awesome husband Mark Nash and one very pushy orange cat.

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