Annual Budget Drive 2021-22

Stewardship: (noun) An ethic that values careful planning and management of resources worth caring for and preserving.

What would you do if our beloved congregation did not exist? Where would you find  others who care about the migrant workers who support our dairy farmers, who care about the refugees who come to Vermont to start a new life, and who work hard to save our environment?

Responsible stewardship helps to bring all these loving, caring people together.

The time is here to show how important the Unitarian Church of Montpelier is to you. The time is now to ensure that UCM will continue to advocate on behalf of those in need, on behalf of our troubled environment. The time is here to act on our priorities, to act on what is most important to us. It is time to give generously during the upcoming annual budget drive. 

Please, show how important our beloved community is to you. Be loving. Give generously.

To make an annual pledge for Together We Thrive, click here. THANK YOU for your generosity!

To answer some of your questions about the UCM 2021-2022 Together We Thrive Annual Pledge Drive please click here.


You can also direct additional questions to three of our Stewardship Committee members; Sue Stukey, Charlotte Root or Scott Hess.