Annual Budget Drive 2021-22

Together (adverb: with or in proximity to another person or people)


Thrive (intransitive verb: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances)

Every year around March, our lay leaders begin to make plans and to think about the various ways we can continue to live into our UCM mission during the upcoming church year.  UCM members and friends are asked to also look ahead and make a financial commitment toward the cost of strengthening our spiritual community.

While this year the pandemic prevents us from gathering safely together, it will require that our Annual Pledge Drive be vastly different from previous years – by primarily being conducted online.  But our values and our mission and vision have not changed.

It is all of us, together, who continue to nourish every little thing we do, providing the roots and the inspiration for this thriving community. As our church leadership plans for the upcoming budget year, we will be prioritizing:

  • continuing to expand compensation and benefits for our treasured staff to move towards fair compensation; and
  • equipping our church building to offer safe, adequate, and energetic virtual and in-person church programming and services. We want to reach out to even more of our community providing both inspiration and comfort.

We also acknowledge that the pandemic has affected each of us in many different ways.  We hope that those who have contributed in the past will continue to pledge at the same level as last year or even more.  We hope everyone will be able to make some level of pledge commitment – no matter the amount.

“It is the generosity of all of our contributions together – regardless of amount –
that ensures that we will thrive now and into the future.”  Rev. Joan Javier-Duval


Pledge Documents:

Thank You Annual Pledge Drive Apr 30

Letter from Rev. Joan

Letter from the Stewardship Committee

UCM Pledge Notecard

The Suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide

Make your pledge now by clicking on the blue button below. THANK YOU for your generosity!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have some questions about the Annual Budget Drive like: Do I have to be a member to pledge? How much should I pledge? Where does my pledge go?  Visit our FAQ page to learn the answers to these and other questions. Click here to go to the FAQ page.

Still have questions? You can also direct questions to three of our Stewardship Committee members; Sue Stukey, Charlotte Root or Scott Hess.

Please, show how important our beloved community is to you. Be loving. Give generously.