Letter from our Interim Music Director

December 2020

I am so enjoying my work these last few months as your Interim Music Director!  There is nothing more wonderful than lifting up the power of the group voice in song, but we know that is not possible in the usual way during the current pandemic. And yet, music has been what has helped diverse groups of people throughout history to endure personal hardship, even tragedy. Music helps us feel we are not alone, deepens our spiritual experiences, builds community, and brings strength, courage, inspiration and beauty to our lives.

Although many of us deeply mourn the presence of group singing in the present moment, there are many hidden blessings in this season. My hope is to help you all still experience in our Sunday worship the deep power and beauty in music, to keep hope alive, and to keep us connected through the very human experience of making music together. And by taking advantage of technologies such as YouTube and Zoom, perhaps you can still keep some of the ancient carols in your hearts and minds this season.

I also invite you to perhaps take some time to view some powerful stories of how music has sustained people through hard times. I recommend several documentary movies, such as Defiant Requiem (Amazon Prime), Girls on the Wall (Amazon Prime), Following the 9th (look for the Director’s YouTube Channel), Sweet Honey in the Rock: Raise Your Voice (Amazon video), and The Singing Revolution (Vimeo on Demand or Amazon Prime). I thank the Worship Design Studio for giving me these ideas to pass on to you all!

UPCOMING SACRED SING!  Please mark your calendars now for this special event: Saturday January 30th, 6:30 to 7:30pm, either pre-recorded or via Zoom.  As on other occasions in the past, gifted songleader Heidi Wilson and others will lead soulful group singing to honor Imbolc, the time between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  More details to come!


Kellie Walker Hart
Interim Music Director