Connect through Service and Shared Work
One way to connect with our community and serve the church’s mission is to join a UCM Team or Committee.  You may be drawn to joining a group focused on, worship, welcoming, education, fundraising or the work of care. The work of maintaining our church’s community is essential and important. Much of it is still happening through regular online meetings. Please consider joining. Click here for a list of committees and teams who are meeting and working during Covid.

Connect through shared learning and reflection
There are also groups who meet to grow spiritual connections that are grounded in learning and deep listening like: Beloved Conversations, Chalice Circles and Seasoned Souls. If this feels like a nourishing way to stay connected, please click here to visit the Lifespan Spiritual Exploration page.

Connect through Service
Service is a great way to connect with community. Please see our Serve & Act page under the Covid menu to find out more.

Connect through Membership
If you are interested in becoming a UU, officially joining the Unitarian Church of Montpelier, and signing our Membership Book, we encourage you to engage with each of the Five Pathways, to deepen your understanding of and connection with our community. Many of these activities and suggestions for engagement may already be familiar aspects of your everyday life, while others may provide new and exciting ways for you to grow spiritually, and come to understand who we are and who we all strive to be, together. Click here to learn about the 5 Pathways to Membership.