February 25, Making Change

This being human is a complicated business. It seems that, at least once a day something happens to make us feel entirely inadequate to the task. Personally. Nationally. Cosmically. We stand and fall and stand again. Words of comfort are in short supply when so many hearts are in need of hope and healing. The traditional platitudes we might think to offer up, no longer satisfy, if ever they did.  And yet, we persevere.  Join us, as we ponder our shared peculiar fate in these dangerous and curiously hope filled times.

A “birthright” Universalist, Rev. Mary grew up in Guilford and Dexter, Maine, where her grandmother was the organist, her mother, the “Sunday School Superintendent,” and her dad filled whatever committee appointment fell his way. It was through music and theater that Mary, ultimately, found her way to parish ministry. Rev. Mary is the founder and director of the Silver Lake Singers, for healing and hospice. She has also served as interfaith chaplain for Visiting Nurses, Home Health Care and Hospice. One of her greatest joys is serving as Minister of the Week at Star Island. Mary makes her home in Silver Lake, N.H. with her husband, Stephen.


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