The UCM Vermont Interfaith Action (VIA) local organizing committee was originally a spin off of the Social Responsibility Committee (SRC) as our church deliberated over joining Vermont Interfaith Action. It has often had a liaison representative on the SRC but has operated pretty much as an independent committee. It is designed to work solely on systemic change, not charity-type tasks, as it works to build relationships, select current issues and research about what systemic change is needed to further a just society, and finally to take actions to pressure  our institutions to carry out recommended, systemic change. The UCM VIA purpose fits well two clauses of our UCM Mission statement, to serve human need and protect the earth our home. The statewide VIA  supplies support for our local efforts and vice versa. Historically improving Montpelier’s sidewalks was UCM’s first issue which did result in the city establishing the Pedestrian Advisory Committee among other things. Currently the UCM VIA is focusing on Climate Justice and working to encourage statewide institutions to divest fossil fuels. In this regards our UCM VIA is working with and other environmental groups. Current Chair: Harris Webster;  Current Members: Hedi Ballantyne, Margaret Blanchard, Lou Cherry, Ginnie Humphreys, Nancy Potak, Sue Riggens, Yona Shahar. For more information contact Harris Webster.