Speaker: Rev. Joan Javier-Duval

October 16, Everyday Courage

Courage comes in all sizes. Each day entails acts of bravery as we face the human condition of uncertainty, vulnerability, and change. How do we recognize and honor this kind of everyday courage?

October 9, Bravely Bending the Arc

Our congregation recently affirmed our commitment to “journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community.” This commitment asks for our courage in holding a vision for the seemingly impossible while also taking action now to continue on the journey. … read more.

September 18, Belonging Together

Being part of a community can meet our human need to belong. Yet at times, we can also feel lonely within a community or excluded from it. How do we meet one another’s longing for community in ways that foster true belonging?

June 12, Flower Communion Sunday

We bring our regular church year services to a close with our annual Flower Communion Sunday. All ages are invited to participate in the full worship service. Please bring a cut flower from home to share during this morning’s flower communion, or have one nearby if joining over Zoom, as we celebrate … read more.

May 15, Beauty in Becoming

This unfolding, changing life draws us towards beauty. How might we stay connected to the beauty that calls us forward in our process of becoming? Come to this service to join in celebrating graduating high school senior Sam Dean, who will be participating in our … read more.