Speaker: Verdis L. Robinson

April 4, From the Rising of a Son

This Easter Sunday shares its date with the anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination.  As we begin a new worship theme of “Becoming” for the month of April, we will honor the roles Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Alberta Williams King … read more.

February 21, Tales from the Hill

In Discovering Black Vermont, researcher and writer Elise Guyette discovered that the percentage of African Americans in Vermont in the 1800s was larger than it is today.  What lessons can we glean from the historically black community of Hinesburg, Vermont? What messages do these early … read more.

October 11, Listening to Voices at the Margins

As people, we naturally gravitate toward those similar to ourselves. It is simple, easier, and it is comfortable. As we celebrate “National Coming Out Day,” and “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” what inspirations and awakenings can we glean from deeply listening to voices of the marginalized.

… read more.

September 27, A Shift in the Wind

250 years ago, the Rev. John Murray preached his first Universalist sermon in North America due to a shift in the wind that prevented him from moving on. He would go on to found Universalism as a denomination in America.  The wind has shifted yet … read more.