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Welcoming Children in Worship

Hints for Children, Family Members and Other Congregants

People of all ages belong in our faith community. When we worship together it can be an enriching experience for all. We want every person to feel welcome, comfortable, loved, and respected within our … read more.

A Charge From the Children

During the installation of our minister Rev. Joan Javier-Duval a charge from the children was read by one of our sixth graders.  The charge was written by our Director of Religious Education with help from the children of our spiritual community.

… read more.

March Mystery Madness

March Mystery Madness is a playful way our congregation connects with one another toward the end of winter. 2018 will be the 7th year for this much-anticipated multi-generational game. Please join us in this guessing game. It is a fun and easy way for people … read more.

Love in Action

The 6th-8th Grade Sunday School Class upon learning the plight of the children in Flint, Michigan who were poisoned by the lead in the city’s drinking water decided to put their love in action.  They will be hosting a Valentines’ Day themed fund … read more.