Topic: heritage

October 29, To Say Their Names

We share in our annual service of remembrance pausing to remember our loved ones who have died. We light candles and offer music in their memory and honor those whose memory and love we carry with us. Music provided by Carolyn’s Angel Band.

October 8, An Invitation to Become Indigenous

Guest speaker, Randy Kritkausky, who is a tribally enrolled Native American, will discuss how building bridges between indigenous spirituality and mainstream culture can help us to find common ground and new approaches for adapting to 21st century realities. This service message is designed to … read more.

October 1, Religious Longing and Belonging

Numerous studies cite the decline of religious affiliation. Religion is blamed for division, violence, and war. Yet, humanity shares a heritage of diverse and pluralistic religious belief and belonging that has shaped us for millenia and continues to shape us today. Are there parts … read more.