Topic: Nurturing Beauty

May 29, At the Altar of Beauty

Langston Hughes once wrote: “To worship/At the altar of Beauty/Is a pleasure divine.” In honor of Pride Month, join us for an interactive affirming service as we create an “Altar of Beauty.” This will be the final service led by Verdis for his 2020-2022 ministerial … read more.

May 15, Beauty in Becoming

This unfolding, changing life draws us towards beauty. How might we stay connected to the beauty that calls us forward in our process of becoming? Come to this service to join in celebrating graduating high school senior Sam Dean, who will be participating in our … read more.

May 8, Beautiful is This Body

Along the way, many of us take in harmful messages about our bodies. Can we learn to embrace the beauty of each and every body, including our own? During this Sunday’s service, we will welcome the newest members of the Unitarian Church of Montpelier.