Covid-19: The Safety Committee is a member of the UCM Covid-19 Task Force.
The Safety Committee’s mission is to affirm the belief that our congregation must maintain a safe and secure atmosphere where people will feel welcome. This is a small committee which meets only when issues arise that require our attention.  
The Governing Board and Executive Team have convened a Task Force to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic threat. The COVID-19 Response Task Force is charged with gathering information and making recommendations to the UCM Board, Executive Team, and Minister regarding operating procedures, employee safety, closures, cancellations, postponements, and any other pandemic related response. The Task Force shall consist of a Board Member, rotating ET member, a church member in the healthcare profession, and representatives from the Community Lunch, Membership, Property, and Safety Committees. The Board, ET, and Minister will work together to make decisions based on these recommendations in a timely manner. The Board, ET, and Task Force will share responsibility for ensuring timely and consistent communication with the congregation.