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So…Just What IS March Mystery Madness?

For the past dozen years, we have played this multigenerational matching game full of fun and mystery. Two people…from different generations…are matched in a double-masked game to guess the identity of the other. Over the course of three weeks, the pairs exchange letters, notes, or … read more.

March Mystery Madness…What is it?

Updated February 2019

March Mystery Madness is a playful way our congregation connects with one another toward the end of winter. This year, 2019, will be the 8th year for this much-anticipated multi-generational game. Please join us in this guessing game. It is a fun and easy way … read more.

Welcoming Children in Worship

Hints for Children, Family Members and Other Congregants

People of all ages belong in our faith community. When we worship together it can be an enriching experience for all. We want every person to feel welcome, comfortable, loved, and respected within our … read more.

Simple Rules for Volunteering

One of my least favorite things to do is to ask for volunteers, but we absolutely need volunteers to make our church function. Here are a few things I learned about volunteering from our Lay Pastoral Ministries Chairperson.

#1…Volunteering should be fun or enriching. Don’t … read more.